MONKI is coming to Malaysia!


Monki, the inspiring, Scandinavian women’s fashion retail concept is delighted to announce that it will open the doors of its first Malaysian store this spring in Kuala Lumpur’s latest shopping destination, Nu Sentral shopping mall.

Since launching in 2006, Monki has quickly gained recognition for their distinctive street-chic collections and original prints. Monki is a fashion experience – clothes, accessories, and a store concept characterised by playfulness, creativity and colourful graphic design. Monki's fun and exhuberant pieces can be seen on girls from Bangkok to Budapest who love the brand for its fusion of street style and ice-cool Scandi design. The brand’s individualistic streetwear celebrates personal style for all ages. Today, the brand has more than 80 stores in 11 markets across Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Oh go and check the official page of Monki at as sure-fire will melt your heart away! peeps, they are just screaming me soooo well!! nah, here are my own pick!

MONKI is owned by H&M.

OK now i am super excited for the opening lorh lorh. Stay tunes for more updates on this opening soon yar. :)


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  1. Scandinavian? Seriously?
    Hari tu pegi tak jumpe pun. Maybe tak tengok betul2 kot brand ni.


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