Padang - Bukittinggi Tour : Travelogue Day 2 "Shopping vs Nature"

My warmest condolences goes to #PrayForMH370 , Al-Minya 529 and a Malaysia Fashion Blogger kak Ami Schaheera wish the family and friends keep on being strong and lets pray for their peaceful. To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return. Wallahualam. 


PASAR AUR KUNING (Bukittinggi) 

Yeahh this is absolutely the most awaited one! hehe its time for shopping!! so based on our research via other blog, they claimed that this is the right place to shop as it is cheapest compared to other places which might be suggested by your supir. noted that they got commission for bringing the tourist. so, to be equal just pleased them by visiting that 'more expensive' boutique but do not hesitate to ask them to drive you here. :)

Seriously, this market is REAL wide and err..very hot too! well, you can find clothes clothes clothes, scarves, not really telekong lorh only like 2 shops are selling (this is not Bandung lorh), accessories, bags and snacks. ok my verdict would be saying that some of the items look tacky (as goes with the price~) but some of it are just awesome. work hard, play hard and shopping hard hehe as got myself one gorgeous dress (Rp 120,000) traditional necklace (15,000) and belt (30,000).

During our visit, we're accompanied by a lady (ibu) who introduced by our supir. she was definitely helping A LOT! as the place is big, crowdeed and really confusing, you just need someone who familiar with every angle to cut the shopping time. yup, the offered price can be nego and this is when your bargaining skill has to be used. lol Good Luck! :)


Well, this boutique is located at Jl Raya Padang Bukittinggi KM 6, Cingkariang and i am definitely recommended you to visit. here is where you could find the Kain Sulam (embroidery fabric) which is so famous. i could see that the quality is good and besides, they also got Kebaya sulam which is in my bucket-list, kain batik, kain pelekat, kain songket, telekong and t-shirt. price is negotiable and affordable! :)


This was just another stop before we reaching the Tasik Maninjau. indeed, a nice place to stop and impressing over the view. yup, it was breezy and we had a cup of hot ginger tea in here. haha a very healthy one lorh. lol

TASIK MANINJAU (Bukittinggi) 

Another trademark of Bukittinggi, Tasik / Danau Maninjau. 16km at the west of Bukittinggi, if i'm not mistaken we took almost 1hr to reach from the Pasar Aur Kuning. above is our stop at Kelok 37 which has a restaurant (warong) selling nice foods. we have the local fried rice while enjoying the view of the lake. my attention is on the story behind the existence of the lake as it forms from a volcano long long long time ago. Woww! Allah the Almighty. :)

Road Trip (Bukittinggi) 

Paddy field is all you can seen along the road from Bukittinggi (centre) to that Tasik Maninjau. yup, it is absolutely a beautiful view although we do have it in Malaysia, haha but we just could't help from stop at the roadside and snapping above photos. lol our supir is just superbly great and fun! thanks Pak Janu for the very nice treats. :)

JAM GADANG / PASAR ATAS  (Bukittinggi) 

yup, we make a second and final visit to this landmark of Bukittinggi. what a Bukittinggi trip without a photo of that Jam Gadang as a background? LOL ok an important gist, this place is not cold at all lol dunno if you have that same thought as mine. haha as it is absolutely the Malaysia's weather although being called as Bukit Tinggi (high hill) lol lol

Then, that Pasar Atas is just in front of the Jam Gadang square. its a market where you can finally find nice souvenirs to bring back home. please expect keychain, sculpture and everything possible with that landmark clock tower on it hehehe. so, remember to list this market as a compulsory place to visit.

Thus, the vacation ended just like that. :)


Alhamdulillah as it was all going well with the plans. thrust me when i say that i was not arousing over this visit at first place, just following my mom's request lorh. hehe but looking back at the photos and writing these travelogs, i know that i should be grateful for already being there. getting to know other country, sightseeing in both Padang and Bukittinggi's mother nature which is quite fascinating and spending a quality time with my mom were just too awesome. :)

Thus, my recommendation will be that Padang - Bukittinggi is a place for the traveler who love seeking for nature, having a relaxing trip with family and perhaps, just wanna have a cheap budget vacation. then go for it as i heard that the flight tix can be as lower as RM100 (return) by the Air Asia. so, be alert people and happy travelling! :)

Remarks: our Supir named as Janu Ad who is sooooo friendly, very helpful, fluent in Bahasa Malaysia (cakap nogori laei haha) and he is just a great guy whom i've met :) contact him for your next trip ok.
+6285 2631 021

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