Padang - Bukittinggi Tour : Travelogue Day 1 "The Arriving"


Our first stop once we landed was this dining place called as Soto Garuda. bove is Soto Nasi, a local dish suggested by the Supir. well, the soup is just like a norm one with bee hoon / mee hoon in it but the differ with our Malay's soto is that the meat is CRUNCHY! lorh quite funny but seriously nice. yup everybody should try it! :)

Total Lost: Rp 88,000 around RM25 (pricey huh for a breakfast!)
Food: OK 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5 (no air-conditioner but nice and clean)


Surprisingly, it looks great in these photo but err sorry as in the real one, the place is untidy and abandoned. tiles are broken, bridge already corrode and trash are everywhere. sorry if i am not supposed to complaint but what am i trying to say is the view is actually BREATH-TAKING and not to mention that it is one of a historical place in Padang. hopefully there will be someone who sees this thing and taking care of it. yup, still recommended you guys to visit since it is like a proof that you have reached Padang, Indonesia. hehe


Magnificent photo right. hehe thanks to my Canon as it played a good roll on that day. so, this beach is actually located along the way to the Jembatan Siti Nurbaya. yup, a nice beach and attractive enough for us to stop like 5 minutes to capture some beautiful shots.


I guess this is the main part of Padang. at first i was like 'darn this museum thingy is dem boring' but soon after they said we could change and rent the traditional wear, everything turned into FUN! hahaha because me and mom were over-excited striking poses till outside of the house in which it is actually for the indoor used only ma....hahahhaa thanks Pak Supir kami yang giler sporting lorh!


Then, we had our lunch in here. assuredly, a Padang food which everybody knows their way of serving. oh please you are not being forced to finish all, just pick whatever you want and leave the one that you don't want. fyi, they will only charge on the plate that you've touched.

Total Lost: Rp103,000 around RM29
Food: OK la 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5 (with air-conditioner)

Thanks for reading and Hey, keep on reading! ^^


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  1. bestnya! ;)

  2. update lg nk tau pe yg menarik kt padang ni... :)

  3. wahhhh bestnyaa, maaf lama da ha x drop sini, quit blog since 2012, 2104 baru nak nampak dear nanti update lagi ye tempat2 melancong, senang sikit nak survey, tak perlu susah google sana sini.. :)

  4. thanks a lot guys for dropping by and loving n yup encouraging me! love, Suzai


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