Look #125 - Tie Your Shirt!

Brands Outlet scarf / Shirt and shoes from Bandung / Vintage Dress from Bundle Market / 
Bag borrowed from mom / Necklace from F21

Sorry for the hiatus. huhu no specific reason of me being silent but just too lazy to open up the lappy and online. lorh so this was long long time ago, not even remember what month anymore. :P

So, Polka-dots always make me think of vintage. thus, wearing this thrifted item which i got from KL bundle fest long time ago is successfully executing vintage feel to the whole look. what i love most about the dress is the buttoned up detail at the center which is undeniably unique and very the old school!

Then, that denim shirt is being repeated in here as to cover the sleeveless dress. somehow, it injects the vintage mood and blended very well with the dress. tied up a tiny knot at the bottom was just to ensure it looks slightly differ from the previous one.

Me with my pretty mom. yup, she was the one who taken those photos above and lot of others, thanks MamaEton. Oh please have a safe journey there and come back here in Malaysia with happiness..amin. :)


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