Saba Restaurant (Cyberjaya)

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Saba Restaurant
4800 Suite 02 Ground Floor
CDB Perdana Cyberjaya
Saturday - Thursday : 12p.m to 12 a.m
Friday : 2.30p.m to 12a.m

A great news to all the Food lovers as i got loads of pending review which i'm dying to share with you. huhu i will try my very best to write about it as soonest as possible yar. so sorry for this current laziness.

So, this restaurant may sounds very familiar as i am actually quite late to post about it. i do always heard people talk about it and everytime i asked for an Arabic cuisine recommendation, the Bangi-rian's and Kajang-clan's answer would always be Saba Restaurant. huhu thus, successfully visited on the last month. here is my verdict. :)

Hanith Chicken (RM 12)

Hanith Lamb (RM 17)

Kabsah Lamb (RM 15)

Overall the chicken and meat were nice yet tender enough to enjoy. nothing wrong but then, i must claim that nothing also special about the steamed chicken. no additional herbs or seasoning can be tasted but yup, its a nice one. However, from other's review i should say that Mandi Chicken and Roasted Chicken are looking more appealing. hmmm...

Hanith Lamb (steamed) tastes slightly differ with Kabsah Lamb (stewed) as it was being marinated with extra herbs and spices. but then, you can choose either of them as both are similar good. lol i can't even tell which one is more delicious but all i remember is Kabsah Lamb is extra-tender and chewable. huhu

Well, my problem is the chili sauce. understood it tastes differ from the local one but i'd prefer the curry sauce from GM nasi briyani of USJ 9 more than this. not spicy at all to my tastebuds yet it is the chance for you to taste the original Middle Eastern Cuisine. it tastes simple. :)

We were actually celebrating my mom's birthday and just having a small family dinner. :) however, i am quite frustrated for not ordering any kebab and yup, we're not even trying the famous Barbarican drink. huhu but that tea pot with extra mint was just nice to kill that lamb's strong flavour.

Oh must salute the service as our foods came very fast although the place is extremely crowded. the space is being extended till outside and next door plus the table were being arranged really close to each other. so, should say ambiance is not really comfy. besides, goshhhhh the presentation is bad! rice are everywhere and messy.....just look at above photo which we haven't touch anything yet. lorh huhu

Overall : OK lah (as based on these three dishes and insyAllah will make another visit for the kebab, roasted chicken and that Barbarican drink lol)  :)


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  1. oh tidak...stop GODA me with the food already..haha...Eleh..setakat hal la...jumpa di PAVI..hehe

  2. Pernah makan sekali di SABA. Rasa ok juga la. :)

  3. Seronok nya cuti..
    yg penting mknn smua nampak best


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