What-When-Wear? : Hijabista Mag Fashion Swap Part 1

By Monday, March 03, 2014 ,

Salam hijabies!

Huh, It was a very very looong time ago that i'm sharing this kinda post. huhu always excited over it but i just couldn't find 'that' opportunity to do so. so, here are maybe my come back? lorh hopefully it is yar..  :)

Very sorry for the pending but here are my sharing of some of the gorgeous look from the previous Hijabista Mag Fashion Swap X Bank Islam event. the theme was Artsy and everybody was trying their best (err including me!) to execute the theme at their very best.

Anyhow, whether they nailed it or not, i just wanna applause everybody as you ladies were just too gorgeous to ignore. not really have much time to capture everybody but thanks to all these ladies who giving me the chance to snap a photo and share your #ootd in here. tqsm! :)

Err..if any of you are reading this, feel free to drop a 'Hi' in the comment box yar. keep on inspiring and dressing up! will be continue on the 2nd part.

CLICK HERE for my own #ootd of the evening =)


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  1. Cantik sungguh dressing depa semua. . ;)

  2. aiseh...maybe akak dah terlepas for your own look attending this event. anyway, semuanya gorgeus


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