Mason Jar Handmade Lamps

By Monday, March 10, 2014 ,

courtesy of BootsNGus

Stumbled upon this BootsNGus, an ebay via my fav blog very inspiring, calming and yet tranquil enough on my sight. can imagine this one hanging at the corner of my own home or maybe in a cafe to execute that laidback ambiance. hmmm... 

Current condition is i am just not in the mood of blogging. yup, very sorry for the hiatus at this moment and will update about my recent holiday as fast as i could. stay tune yarr people!


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  1. akak sgt gila lampu laki akak kata x praktikal..hukhuk..

  2. ye kot kak mgkin xd la terang mana kn hahaha but obviously i could see these as an interior lah more like that lah kn..hahahahah saje lah tu abg xmo bg mmbazer hahahhaha akk kn terror wat sndri la kak :D


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