Look #114 - That Checkered Shirt

Forever21 inner / Unbranded checkered shirt from Parkson / Diesel jeans / 
Bag & Boot from Bandung / Phone casing from Guangzhou

Salam and hey, Happy Weekend ya all!! i am composing this post while yawning constantly till the tears already burst at the corner of the eyes. it is 3:06 am and i am still working so hard for this page. yup, i guess blogging absolutely becoming my passion, my second job and yup, my addiction! thanks all for the supports. :)

Back to the main focus here, this checkered shirt is my very first item of the trending although Louis Vuitton already featured in their Spring/Summer 2013 collection early of this year. as usual, i do always following the updates but in the same time, i also always late maaa.....

Nevertheless, i think this print is timeless and effortlessly cool which you don't need much helps to fabulously shine. yup, a nice checkered shirt, nice jeans and super cool boot! :D

Oh, my weekend gonna be a tiring one as tomorrow will be off to Kedah and stay till Sunday. a IIUM classmate's wedding. so, wish your weekend is more relaxing and laidback as Monday will be just arrive in the blink of an eye. till then, thanks a lot. :)

Photographed by NuarPenaberkala and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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