[GIVEAWAY] The Shout! Awards 2013 Tickets

Oh still remember that i stumbled upon this Shout! awards 2012 on a night at Sunway Pyramid on the last year. pondering on why the traffic was stuck to get into the mall has ignited my curiosity. then, i was dying looking down from the McD'S glass window when knowing that a live show is happening down at the surf beach. what a waste for not having the pass to enter!

So, on this year the award gonna be happen at Bukit Jalil which just near to my hometown. wahaha..nak cakap doket je ngan umah eden, so sonang sangat lah eden nak poie nanti! and yup, kak maghia sangat lah aka my dear blogger buddy Marya Hana is giving away 10 pairs which i'm sure 1 pair is absolutely belong to me!!  ;D


" Nak tiket Shout! Awards kerana SAYA SAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAANG MARYA HANA!!! " uikkkssss jangan muntah jangan muntah ....... hahahahha ini je yang terkeluar kat kepale eh. :P

thanks a lot dear and credit goes to Marya Hana


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  1. Terima kasih, anda menang MOTOR!
    eh eh, anda menang tiket Shout! Awards 2013. Jyeah <3

  2. yeahh yeahah sy menang MOTOR!!!!! hahahah thanks dear ^^


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