Look #108 - The Explorer

 F block scarf / unbranded tee / Diesel Jeans / Boot & bag from Bandung

Nothing much! plain, simple, effortless but indeed this is so cool to my own perspective. the main actor here is the boot which i could never replace with other. oh ok, will think deeper if Dr.Martens one lahh...hahaha yup always dying to get one sooner or later. *pray*

So, the shirt is actually a very old one. if i'm not mistaken, it was being purchased at Parkson back in 2010 or maybe 2009? 2008?? oh couldn't remember anymore but would like to highlight that the colour is still as bold as the beginning and undeniably, still in a good condition although being washed for countless times!

Btw, the thing here is how one statement can change the whole look. well, i guess that beloved boot has played its role very well. besides, i love to see how the scarf perfectly popped-up when pairing with that plain shirt. love.

OK then, i'd like to wish a HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all the Hindu believers who celebrating this festive! so, my itinerary for tomorrow is not bad either as me and my hostelmates are planning to have a BBQ night at PD! Woohooooo...we are young, we don't sleep!!!  (>"<)

So, have a great holiday! hmmm...don't ask, i'll be working on Monday as normal as usual!

Photographed by JoonYoo and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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