Look #109 - A Classic Cocktail Look ?!

Salam and Welcome Monday! yup, i'm working as normal as usual. :D oh so anticipated over this and upcoming post which finally gonna share you my Sephora moment yeahhooooo!! but before i jump onto the event details, lets ramble a bit about my outfit of the evening.

First thing need to credit the heli-fan (or whatever they named it!) which suddenly flew towards me and gave that gorgeous effect on my pareo! thank God, i was wearing a legging inside or otherwise a censored tag should be put on the photo. haha precaution people!

yup, that is my very first pareo which i recently got at Subang Parade with a cost of RM100. yup, honestly, it is quite pricey but as i was dying to own one since long time ago and has been looking for one that could attracted me, i just grabbed and swapped the credit card! haha yup, it was an unplanned shopping night. anyhow, the not-100% silk material of it is very chic and light. never regret!
dah macam kak kiah p pasor dah! =.=

Thus, thanks all for the love and do please watch this space by tomorrow morning for the Sephora VIP Invitation of the Pre-Opening party at Sunway Pyramid event post. to be continue..

Photographed by SyafiqahHashim.


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