Video Tutorial Hijab Wrapping by Shea Rasol

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Salam..i'm in a really good mood on tonight but not a good condition of stomach! Arghh, it is still painful in here but anyhow still need to write something in this space. hoping that my readers will not run away and keep on visiting and supporting yarr!

Btw, Shea Rasol got that vibe in all her styling although we all know that her favourite is maxi skirt skirt and skirt which is not my comfort zone at all! haha but still her every-looks are inspiring me a lot and in the same time, they are definitely motivating me to wear more skirts in future.  :)

So, here is her HIJAB WRAPPING that is actually inspired my own style in which few of you are asking about the tutorial. what??! peeps, i'm still don't have the confident to do so. huhu will do it on a one fine day, insyAllah. thus, as for now watch her ways that is just so pretty admirable.

i guess, lot of you already watched this but still wanna put it in here! haha so, thanks dear shea for sharing yours, i love this and keep on INSPIRING! ^^

credit to Shea Rasol


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  1. pika pun suka style Kak Shea and this Hijab tutorial of her really helpful!


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