Look #110 - Clashing Prints

Print over print is seriously a risky business as claimed by one of the fashion blog. it is either you work on it or you failed and ended up looking like a walking Christmas tree. nevertheless, i adore the patterns mashup by lot of fashionista around the world (check those famous fashion bloggers or sneak into the Lookbook.nu for inspirations) and even the runaways. they're becoming crazier season by season!

Initially i saw lot of simple clashing of big dots with small dot, huge floral with tiny little floral at bottom or just stay monochrome for both prints though in 2013 i guess it becomes more dramatic. geometric and abstracts and patchworks and collages! infinity.

Thus, mine here are the combo of leopard prints with vertical stripes on top. it is so true that they said this trend is made up by those lazy people who just grabbing anything that is available to be wear without thinking too much! it is about take the risk and just be confident! :)

Yup, thats the main secret behind it but let me just share some tips on how to actually hit the target:
1) go monochrome with black&white (any kinda patterns mixing!)
2) pattern/prints on top is bigger proportion compare to bottom (or vise versa)
3) pick up similar hues between two patterns to balance
4) another balancing is take one plain/neutral colour (mine is the plain grey scarf!)
5) start with similar patterns but differ size; small spots with big spots.

Oh, i was also being told that the other secret of mixing 2 differ patterns (eg: stripes vs floral) is the size. it is recommended to stay in same size which means small stripes on top of small floral for bottom! Hmmmmm...how about mine which seems like 90% is working although the leopard is a tiny style and that stripe is a big one? yay or nay? hahaha

Photographed by RoszaAdenan and Credit tips to Hunter&Chase


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