[WAYWDS] Port Dickson - BBQ + Overnight at the beach

Salam, bye-bye Weekend and Welcome Tuesday.. 

First of all, WAYWDS stands for We Are Young, We Don't Sleep! haha a motto that i created for fun in pleasuring my single life to the MAX! so those people up there are the official members of the club which soon gonna share with you more of our awesome plans. nah, just remember the name yarr...WAYWDS!  :)

Oh obviously i am so anticipated over the stunning look of the clouds. love to see how the clouds gradiently changed its colour, from sunset to sunrise on the next morning. a very laidback feel i could say as we don't need to think about works, family probs,  cinta lama! and so on and so forth.

This was actually a last minute plan when everybody decided to spend the lazy Saturday BBQ-ing and lepaking at the beach. PD was chosen as it is the nearest one although the water is not as crystal clear as those beaches at the East Coast of Malaysia but still got that same breezy-beachy-wavy feeeelssss...Err.

My fav part out of all was GOT TO EAT ALL THE KAMBENG BAKAR all by myself for FREE! ohh goshhh kambeng grilled is mahal kot! hahaha..thanks a lot Ilah and husband yar, do please sponsor us more and more on the next time tau! hihi

Then when the day became darker and we're done eating, we seat together and did some reminiscing over the old stories aka gossiping! huhu ikan emas di bawa belayar~!

Truthfully, this leisure was happening on the last last week. as usual, i got another more crucial post need to be published before come out with this REAL LIFE yet a REAL SUZAI! :) honestly, i enjoy each and every moment with my dearest friends so much as they are always with me ups and downs.

Well, i knew these people since the hostel life during 2001 - 2005 and Alhamdulillah, we are still friend and not to be mention that the bonding now is so so much better compare to that moment when everybody was so POYO!! err including me who was quite an anti-Aspura lor. (term which only a hostel resident will get it~!)

Therefore, guys as promise lets do more and more amazing thingy in the future and sure will happily enjoying our singlehood moment here till drop! :P

Thanks for reading tho.


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  1. memang best kalau dapat spend time ngan kawan2 baik kan...mcm i jarang jumpa dgn bestfriend since masing2 duduk jauh, but bila sekali jumpa macam2 cerita smpai takmo bhenti bercakap...


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