Anya Hindmarch AW 2013 Collection

First time knowing this brand is when i was being attracted to a glitter-finish box clutch in a fashion blog quite long time ago. unfortunately, i'm not really following the updates since i'm more fanatic over cloths and shoes compare to bags.

Anyhow, this AW 2013 collection is still displaying the Anya Hindmarch signature form of their Marano Glitter-Finish Leather Clutch in which can see in the first pic above. then, featuring the gold lining and the designer stamped (ribbon) push clasp fastener on top. i must say, they are no light in weight especially the second design behind it. they are made from a really high quality and hard material which somehow could explain the price indeed.  :)

hahaha sab, lets plan for a another date yar! =D

Oh we're just having fun looking at the new arrivals with no intention of buying any. haha..perhaps, we might be praying and waiting for the outlet to be open at the Johor Premium lorh~ anyhow, my suggestion to whom who dying to own one, register yourself to get the sale news or any updates of Anya Hindmarch since the offers are quite generous. so, save and spend on the right time!

Btw i need to credit Mr Hezly for the invitation. it is actually a private event on reviewing the AW 2013 collection of Anya Hindmarch. located in the Suria KLCC, the only store in Malaysia, i guess. well, its actually a private sale too as claimed.

To Ms Sabby Prue, gossiping over the bloggy thingy was so much of fun. so, lets plan another date soon yar. thanks for reading tho!  ^^

Anya Hindmarch - London


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  1. OH Gosh, the clutch looks stunning !! The design is so sleek... Love !!!


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