HALLOWEEN Party at Galactic Laser Sunway Pyramid

Event: Halloween Laser Tag Party
Date: 19.10.13
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

HAPPY HALLOWEEN peeps! yup i've been told that the exact date is 31st oct, isn't it? haha correct me if i was wrong since i don't celebrate it though literally i am enjoying those spooky decorations here and there. well, especially the creepy pumpkins!! Huuuuuu

So, on the last last last last weeks (so sorry for keep on pending the updates!), i was invited to this very special parteeyyyhh, thanks a lot Nick! yup, battling in a dark room with that laser tags was my second attempt. if you are the loyal visitor in here, sure already knew that few months ago i was also there, struggling and sweating like hell try to beat all the shooters which ended up i am the 2ND...........last on the list! Hahahahahah check the post here

Basically, the itinerary were laser tagging all night!, enjoying the free foods & beverages, some random games, DJ, music, prizes and FUN! FUN! nah just check below amazing photos by the pro, high credit to Elernt & Khairun if i'm not mistaken yar. very the pro!

even reg counter is smells unnatural?
hey NANA we met again. know what our first meeting was back in 2010!
can't wait to make his appearance. huhu gilerr kan?!
kids are enjoying being haunted.
"if yyou don't wanna marry me, nobody willl!!!!" Grrrrr
its MAKAN time!
don't know what to say, very creative innovative whatever-tive one. impressive!
warming up session.
briefing is compulsory on how to shoot your target, what-to-do when died and etc etc
we are so ready!
the pumpkin man also want to play ah. sibok jerrr ngan labu dia! =P
ghostly, its Halloween btw.
SIWON oppa also there lorh!!!! anyeong! <3 p="">
spot, its me! its me! hahaaha funny lah looking so 'skema' with the glasses..Err
HAHAHAHHA can't stop laughing over this, JOONYOO trying very hard to kill an innocent child! HAHAHAHAHHA joonyoo your expression was so determine and focus giler tau! hahaha
spot! its me! its me! again although can only see the scarf lahhh..haha
don't ask, i do not know him. hehe
continuing the games and me and NANA playing that tarek-tarek tissues game since 'woman and tissues just can't be separated ma' hahaha..hampeh betol!
Riyal (that black guy) was hoping to be at the 1st place when he was not even playing pon!! hahahah poyo jer kat situ.. XD btw nice meeting you Riyal. 
finally, prize giving ceremony. oh that is the handsome NICK who invited me. thanks a lot boss!

Alert that they are always having this kind of promo. Check their official page Galactic Laser Malaysia / FB to stay update on the events. yup recently the MID VALLEY's just having a Spooky Night but i missed the chance to explore the space, what a waste!

Oh, fyi they are also providing services on organizing school events / group binding / birthday party and etc etc. visit their page Galactic Laser Malaysia / FB for more info and contact.

Lastly, if you ponder on why should you try on this thing?? check my previous post here as i am too lazy to re-write the reasonable reasons and the fun fact about this GALACTIC LASER game based on own experience. do please click HERE

Oh please ignore my weird grin there lorh must be effected from the spooooky games, we were a bit late but still able to battle in 2 games then need to go back early too huh life was just so complex! so, yup JOONYOO was my partner of crime. i was having so much of fun although it was a tiring night as need to drive all the way from Kajang to Sunway and blah-blah-blah. anyhow, thanks all!

Amazing photos courtesy of Galactic Laser Malaysia. ADIOS! ^^


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  1. amboi...such fun....Happy Halloween though..

  2. hahaha happy halloween kerrr gtuh eh kak..p jadi pocong kat ank2 ka ogosh! hahahaha kompem xtdo sume!

    hahaha so piqa yg ni kna ajk buddy yg lein plak lah eh..

  3. Hahahaha Thanks again for inviting! Had fun! Your description LOL


  4. can't believe it has been more than 2 years~ lol. nice meeting ya again.

  5. Wow, the party was pretty awesome!Got Siwon oppa pula haha! :D



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