SHOUT! Awards 2013 and The Winners List

with my blogger buddies MaryaHana and SyafiqJohari :)
Najwa's performance was one of the best but it was seriously tooo tooo short!
Reshmonu made a huge gimmick by flying down from nowhere and even finished the perf with sudden disappeared back up to the roof, a very dramatic one indeed. hihi
me with mom who was 'dying' throughout the show. hahaha it was boring her to the max!
Congratulation Joe Flizzow for winning the Ultimate Shout! Awards 2013. credit photo to
the explosive closing by Shane Filan, a former member of Westlife. credit photo to
us! thanks Marya for the tix and seat!! :P

This was happened on the last Saturday, 9th Nov 2013 at the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. organised by the 8tv of Media Prima, this award is the online voting by fans. so, this was the finale where all the winners being announced and appreciated with a trophy.

Quite new to the industry as this award was started back in 4 years ago. still remember Yuna with her 'E.T' outfit (sorry Yuna!) received the awards and made a huge winning of the evening. so, by not seeing her on last night is disappointing me a bit. what to do as she didn't win any on this year lorh...

Btw, here are the overall winners (Credit to

  • Popstar Award – Hafiz
  • Flava Award – Mizz Nina
  • Coolest Radio Announcer Award – Fara Fauzana
  • Favourite Radio Show Award – Johara Pagi Era
  • Favourite TV Program Award – Versus 2
  • Best On Screen Chemistry Award – Jozan
  • Breakout Award (Best New Act) – Jay Walia
  • Music Video Award – KRU ft Stacy
  • Hot Guy Award – Aaron Aziz
  • Hot Chick Award – Fazura
  • Favourite TV Personality Award – Zizan
  • Breakthrough Local Feature Award – Kil
  • Rockstar Award – Bunkface
  • Fresh TV Series Award – Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia
  • Wired Celebrity Award – Khairy Jamaluddin
  • Shout! Aloud Award – Mat Luthfi
  • Power Vocal Award – Hafiz
  • The Ultimate Shout! Awards – Joe Flizzow

  • again, tq dear for 'forcing' me to attend the awards..hahaha tq! tq!


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    1. wow~~
      You went there~
      seronoknya! I was like very busy lately. Ni pun kene stay up malam2 nk study untuk esok~

      anyway, have all the fun that you can have. Grab any opportunity and tell it in this blog ;)

    2. akk xpg kt area red carpet tu..sedihhh...tercari2 sbnrnya kt mana..pttlh kita xjumpa..huhu

    3. tq HAJAR for the constant LOVE and supports!!! keep on reading n i'll keep on rambling! hehehe

    4. akk poyo lahhh org call die kot sy n syafiq tggu akk n gio nk tgkap pic same2 lah..huhu

    5. Woot thanks for the credit ++ Hope to see you next time or even a chance to work together!! Cheers~

    6. kak ogosh--> haha curik mak punyer tq kak :)

    7. tianchad--> LORH NO PROB lah its urs if i not credit it then later u SAMAN me then what to do?? hahha yup im looking forward to it!!! :D


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