H&M Pre-Opening Party at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur (SizzlingSuzaiXCelebrity)

Congratulation H&M Malaysia for the opening of a new flagship! located in the Avenue K mall which you can clearly see on the roadside of Jalan Ampang. assuredly, a great news to all the fashion conscious as this outlet is the BIGGEST among all. yup, the BB one has been terminated since this 3 floors is more spacious and massive!

It was actually happening on the last 30th Oct 2013 (sorry for the pending~!) when i was invited to celebrate the launching and mingling in an exclusive party prepared on that evening. thanks Nora, Sher and Amri for the invitation! Muahhh3x

So, here are the sneak peek on the parteeyyhh and what the new store offered to the fans!

the electrifying board reflected the boastful KLCC!
light refreshment provided.
even live band was there to entertain us!
my babe SyafiqahHashim and event buddy, Mr Hezli :)
just so in love with the food servings. arts! +.+
i've told you that it is 3 floors outlet, right?!
finally doing my shopping. hehehe
candies! so sad as no size for me...

Basically, H&M sold items are my kinda interest as it is trending, edgy, variety and affordable! pioneer of design collaborations with those avant-garde designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Anna Della Russo, Lanvin, Versace and the latest is Isabel Marrant makes it so special to the fashion lovers all over the world. 

Personally good quality is what i foresee the most and with that reasonable price tags, H&M got it all. besides with the wide collection of bags, shoes, scarves and accessories, i do always dying to own all of it. yup, finally got myself a KILLER Platform BOOT with 20% reduction which only offered on that evening. sure will share in here. soooon...

Another great thing happened is i met lot of local celebrities. they are famous, they are the H&M fan too and they are friendly enough to have a picture with me. hehe..do please envy! "^^

OMG Awal Ashaari! so so friendly and i do love you more Awal. :)
Ok his wife was there too. haha Scha Al-Yahya just as pretty as you've seen in TV tho~
 Stephanie Chai, the host and the beauty. this is so nice babe! :)
Dynas Mokhtar, the hot mummy and i do feel soOoo GIANT besides her. "=.=
 Oh shaking badly because Kamal Adli is just dem handsome! :D
again and again, Kuah Jenhan who already remember my name! hehe thanks bro!
again meeting Natalie Kniese, the host and VJ. she is soo soo slander lorh haha
meeting again the blogger, fashion designer and a very friendly Jezmine Blossom :)
   meeting again the famous blogger and fabulous fighter, Ami Schaheera :)
stunning celebrity chef, Anis Nabilah who is  so nice and bubbly. love.
we're done with shopping and mingling! daahh balik balik "^^
the door gift. hmm..loveeeeee..

Hence, make your visit to the store now as what ever you're looking for are all there! as simple as once you step out from KLCC entrance which facing the Jln Ampang, you can easily see the big sign of H&M from miles away. absolutely chic and welcoming!

Thanks all for the great evening and dear readers, for reading. ^^


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  1. Wow! Nak shopping dekat H&M jugak!!! Weee...

    *akak, cantik belt akak.. Nice :)

    bergambar dengan artis je ye

  3. Kuah tu memang lawak... donut tu pulak cute jee... dan geram tengok chef Anis tu....hehhehe


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