[What's Up KL?] Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2013

Oh oh, i've been waiting to hear about this since the KL Bundle Fest 2012 ! check my previous post in HERE which successfully will make you dying to be part of them on the stated date. however, more info and constant update, kindly visit their official  :)


The map to the venue (thanks kak ogosh for requesting huhu). taken from their insta, yup follow them and sure will get updated news and here are the sneak peek from my previous visit of the fest which was back in 2012. lorh. full version, please click HERE. insyAllah c ya :)


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  1. dik..where is this actually...belakang Pelita nasi kandar tu ke..selalu nak pergi tapi asik lupa tarikh je..

  2. wahhh blog dah brsalin kulit...vintage hbs!! thumb up lah

  3. ok this is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Oh my oh my, I love those vintage luggage and accessories, thanks for sharing gal!! Im gonna drop by and prepare my wallet for those little things!!



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