[Whats Up K.L?] WhatIWear KL Fashion Bloggers Gathering

By Thursday, April 25, 2013 , ,

Oh, i got another fashion event invitation thru the mail inbox. not really sure about the whole itinerary but by peeking on their blog, the event suddenly sounds soOOooo much of fun!

What i understood is this event is calling out all the fashion bloggers in KL aka Malaysia and we will all be gather under one roof! Oh gosh, already can see lot of fashionista mingling in front of me wearing their best clothes and yup, my Canon needs to do an extra works. hehe..

So, at this moment i have already reserve a space for myself and the 'partner'. hopefully, the plan is on. ok, Suzai please start thinking of your best combo of black+white+orange. Hmmm..interesting.

c ya. :)


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  1. wow, bestnya event ni..jgn lupa share yea dear..:)

  2. I also got this invitation,but not sure about going because not much info given.
    Hmm,any clue?

  3. wow! interesting.. anis rasa anis tak layak nak jadi fashion blogger, fashion disaster ade lah.. hehehe


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