China vacay: hold on update!

Dreadfully captured at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong on two days ago! yup, can't believe i was there playing around the waxes of the A-list celebrities, famous scholars and lot of other excitement feast. haha..assuredly, i can't wait to share all the over-excited shots of me and my dear buddy there. oh, too many things need to be done beforehand. the total picas of me vacay at the Guangzhou and Hong Kong are 2,140 random shots with the memory weighted of 17.7 Gb!! yup, it is inclusive all; the look-of-the-day photos, the playing-the-tourist kinda shots, the panorama, the scenery, the inspiring local fashionista and etc etc etc. so, please imagine how much time that i need to sort all those photos. do please gimme some time ok? ;'P

so, yes i'm back in Malaysia which is my lovely and seamlessly peaceful hometown. yup, people always quoted; home sweet home bebeh~ ;)

to be continue....


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