In-Trend: What is in your bag?

Why do you love this trending?
apparently, because it is very creative and yet very inspiring!

What is your 1st impression seeing the stuff?
Oh this person is like this and that person is like that and well, this person is quite weird though and blah-blah-blah. *judging* ;P

The polite word to describe above statement....
This trending able to showcase one's personality. *serious*

The utmost favourite kinda display?
Tidy arrangement + unique stuff!

Where is yours?
haha...i've been dying to do this looooong time ago but always failed. so, the answer would be soon!

Btw, where is the best blog sharing on this trending?
Fuck Yeah Whats In Your Bag tumblr blog. Click Here.

credit photos to Whats in Your Bag? and the owner of those bags of course. :)


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  1. juga tgk apa ada dlm beg org lain..yg pasti gadget confirm ada..

  2. kalau beg leeza. sumbat saja apa yg boleh...

  3. macam pernah ku lihat post sebegini. tapi di mana ya..? :))

  4. haha but i rasa pelik sikit cause ada certain bag kecil lastly keluar barang?hahaha womans like a doraemon :P

  5. @Mr. Zamri --> haiyoo i ingat sgt lah u pnh posted this kinda entry n i mmg nk link ngan post u juge pastu trlupa plak n actually i pon even nk share urs things kat cni tp sbb i dh nk blk umh TAK SEMPAT so, i mls lah...haiyoooo ;'( well btw b4 u post tu i dh admire lama just dont find that right time btw, u HILANG mana?? lama x blogging... ?;)

  6. shima--> yup woman's bag mmg cam poket doremon hahhaha sumbat selagi boleh!!! XD


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