Look #84 - As Cozy As Home

scarf from H&M / sweater from Eco Park / unbranded pants given by my mom from Hatyai

Starting the China-vacay lookbook with my jetsetter outfit when we departed from Kuala Lumpur to Guangzhou. the flight was scheduled at 5:03 a.m in the early morning, so i need something that could warm me through out the chilly dawn. fortunately, the weather is a bit cold too once we landed at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport sharp at 10:30 a.m. so, i just in a right condition!

Well, this simply elegance location is obviously my friend's home which located at the Mansion Clifford of Guanzhou. i love the sleek interior so much as well as the combo colour of white and wooden brown which ironically executing modern feeling towards the viewer.

Talking about the outfit. fyi, that sweater is actually one of my most beloved piece which has been bought by my dad 8 years ago but it is still in a 'very great' condition! Oh, i still remember that moment when i was dying to own one of the Eco Park branding item since i am a fanatic fan of a local group, Ruffedge and still also remember the price tag which it is only cost us RM80+. cheap huh?! hehe..guys, do you still remember the 'Tipah Tertipu' phenomena?? yup, that one lor~

Nah, it is priceless though on how one item/piece/stuff is able to remind you of your old stories and keeping lot of memories too. sure, will love this whitey-hoodie sweater forever. thanks for the coziness and the memory indeed. :)


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  1. yup sgt excited melihat decor die..haha wpon simple je but seriously nice ;)


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