[Whats Up K.L?] Topshop Party with Elfira Loy

Event: Topshop Party
Date: 27th April 2013
Time: 10 a.m - 12 p.m
Venue: Topshop of Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

First of all, dear SyafiqahHashim thanks a lot for that belated gift yar. ;) hehe..well, the most is tqsm for forcing me to eventually join the party. Oh, scarf and rings are definitely my fav items, love it!

hahaha..i was actually already giving up on going to the event as when i woke up on this morning and seeing the clock was already showing 10.09a.m! yup, i am the late queen as usual when reaching the place at 11.50a.m which is 10 minutes left before the event is schedule to finish. ahakks~

So, obviously i didn't know what was happened at the party besides they are introducing the 'Personal Shopper' servicing specially for the Topshop@Mid Valley shoplifters, got my 20% voucher on the normal items and meet the host of the day, Miss Elfira Loy. she is so sugarly sweet! ;)

Btw, the 'Personal Shopper' is a service where a stylist gonna ask you some related questioners inclusive your shopping budgetary. then, he will line up the clothing that might suits your interest. so, you just need to visit the shop at the promising date&time, try all the selected clothes, make your choice and pay without wasting time pondering on whats best for you. yup, he gonna be your personal image consultant!

Oh, you need to set an appointment beforehand whether tru the phone call nor email him (the guy wearing WHITE shirt!). as informed, only the Mid Valley's franchise is giving out this service yar..
03-22879391 / 03-22879308

Lastly, Topshop please know that 20% discount is too stingy lor hahaha..not exclusive at all. if you give me more percentage, i'm sure i'll shop more. hehehe..anyhow, thanks for this opportunity as i've successfully made my very first TOPSHOP purchase! *applause* guys, no worry as you will definitely gonna see those lucky items in my coming Lookbook post. ;)

credit photos to SyafiqahHashim, my crime partner of the sleepy morning! haha..


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