[Tutorial] Layering Turban by Queenova

The Finished Look! ^^

Recently, I've been looking for the Turban style that suites my liking. undeniable, i LOVE Yuna's style and some other great examples too but i'm quite hesitate on the fact that can my round face carry their look?

Then, i found this effortless yet so chic turban style by Queenova. personally, i adore the symmetry finish of the wrapping so much because it can avoid me to look rounder and weirdo! ahakks~  hahaha..so, lets see if i  finally wear it on this weekend or not.....

Here are the tutorial pics nicely done by this pretty lady all the way from Jakarta. check this out! ;)

Easy peasy right? my problem here is arghh..i don't have that neck-covered inner! hahaha..so, in order for me to lock this look on this coming Sunday, i should hunt for the inner beforehand. hadoi...no time lor, so not really promising but yet this look is sooo sooo inspiring!

Thanks a lot dear for sharing your brilliant idea and hopefully you don't mind i 'stole' the pics here. if so, tell me and i will delete this post immediately! ^^

Credit tutorial / photo / descriptions  to the owner Queenova.com. you are most welcome to visit her. Click Here to go directly to the original post.


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  1. cantik pula pakai turban mcm ni..:)

  2. so simple!! Yes I'm going to try it! Thanks for sharing :D
    I wanna see you wear the turban ^^

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