JUNIEL (주니엘)

My latest LOVE in Kpop is this soooo adorable singer-songwriter nicked as JUNIEL. she is only 19 years old and has began her career in Japan but seriously debuted in South Korea 2012 with the hit track of 'Illa Illa' which is also my forever favourite track!

She is totally differ with the other K-pop artist as she came with her own unique voice and easy-listening genre of music. haha..she is not dancing to the choreography but only holding on to her guitar! her songs are very pleasant.

ok, let me list out the one that successfully captured my heart & soul! Oh, she published quite a number of Japanese album too but my favourite is the Kpop one lor. ^^

#1 Illa Illa - My First June album
#2 Bad Man - 1&1 album
#3 My Lips - Fall in L album
#4 Pretty Boy - Fall in L album
#5 Babo / Fool ft Jung-Yong Hwa - My First June album
#6 Oh Happy Day - 1&1 album

01. 귀여운 남자 (Pretty Boy / Cute Boy) --> recommended!
02. 데이트 (Date) --> a very sweet song.
03. 잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking) --> something different!
04. My Lips --> My utmost fav! :)

yup, this is her latest album, 'Fall in L' which is actually her 3rd mini album. omo, try to listen to all of the 4 tracks as they are freaking beautiful. the rhythm and the mood are well-blended with her angel voice. yup, she made me Fall in L with JUNIEL. Hwaiting girl!! ;)

credit album to the K2Nblog.com


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  1. Perghh, semua k-pop!! Azwa pon minat juga!! Follow sis!! Salam perkenalan.. :)


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