Inspiration and Guides For My Traveler Style

First and foremost, credit this snazzy lookbook to the WhoWhatWhere - Look Of The Day fashion blog. yup, there is more more fantabulous looks but i've selected the most convenience for me as being a tourist and the best that might suit my sense of fashion. yup, recommended for you to check the rest of them.

My utmost favourite are the first and second images above. they are edgy, a bit tomboyish yet still feature a feminine side of a wearer. oh, i'm freaking loving the sweater and the layering styles although i know i should try my best to avoid it since i'm not having a model's perfect measurement, i'm just a petite me. ok, the other logic obstacle is my top is bigger than the bottom part...  ;(

Then, my valid reason of choosing the pants instead of any maxi skirt is obviously, i'm not interested on walking all day long gorgeously in a skirt! yup, i love edginess, simplicity and that is why i found that pants/jeans is way way way better, more casually laid-back and not to mention more convenient!

Hence, do i really going for a vacation?

How soon is it?
as soon as this coming 20th..yeaahhooo! (already in the mood lor)

May you know where is it?
best answer is not a beach or a mountain! so, that is why i need urban & chic styles to inspire me.

How far is it?
as far as you cannot walk or drive.

How about the sense of fashion at that place?
the people are quite fashion forward. so, i should dress to impress!

Thus, your main aim is...
visiting, photographing & SHOPPING!



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