Meeting the Adorable Elfira Loy

By Saturday, April 27, 2013 ,

She is undeniably pretty, she is very sweet too and she is now one of the big name in Malaysian scene, she is Elfira Loy. petite as me although both of us are wearing those skyhigh heels but still cannot even challenge those dummies in the store! ;P

Yup, this adorable actress is assuredly friendly and i was feeling like meeting an old friend of mine. keep up girl, sure you can do sooo much better in the future by just maintaining those great personality of yours. oh, please know that i always adore your acting skills. not to mention that i am the fan of the series 'Dalam Hati Ada Taman'. Errr~ hahahha...ohh, awak telah rampas Randy Pangalila ku!!!! ;D

Oh, if you wanna directly connect with her, go and check out her TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. credit camera and photo to Miss SyafiqahHashim. Tqsm dear. ^^

nice meeting you dear, hugs and kisses to Elfira Loy.!


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  1. awhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear

    I thought both of you are best of friends because the chemistry between she and you is so strong!

  2. cantik Suzai dan Elfira Loy..bestnya dpt pg event cmni..:)

  3. Tengok dari gambar je dah tau betapa friendly nya si comel Elfira ni :)

  4. wah..jumpa elfira loy.cantik jea dia kan. kecik comel jea kamoo dan dia..hehe

  5. aah it was a short but fun event hehe..tq girls ;)


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