Bye-Bye Malaysia! :)

By Thursday, April 18, 2013 ,

Finally, the date is coming....Yeeeaahhhh!! specifically, the departure time is on this Saturday (20th April 2013) at 5.03 a.m this morning! yup, that is the cheapest price compare to other schedule...whatever~ Well, where is actually me and my dearest buddy, Miss Tia will draw our trail on? ngeeeeeeee~

[image courtesy of  the photographers]

Yeeahhhh...lets say "Ni Hao" to the big city of Hong Kong! oh oh, i'm so damn excited over this vacation since HK is one of the most famous city in the world which is also written in my list of must-go-places and now, i could almost 'strikethrough' the word HK there! Alhamdulillah for the rizk... ;)

Ok, Suzai stop rambling as people are not reading it., please pray for our safety and health and lastly, Bye-Bye Malaysia!

huh, i have not packing my things yet.....and yup, still got lot of things to settle at the office although the mood is already drive itself to the airport waiting for the boarding time....  *sigh*


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  1. Suzai..take care kt sana nanti..bwa blik banyak ole2..haha..:)

  2. hope you have fun in HK!:) have a safe trip!xx

  3. tq soo much lovely ladies... ;) dh balik dh...Alhamdulillah selamat mendarat di malaysia tercinta!


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