[Review] OBLIVION (2013)


Thank God, got this pre-screening passes from the dearest Nuffnang. much kisses to the AWESOME Nuffnang and please, let me win the premier screening more and more in the future. hehe. so, this movie excite me a lot  since my hubby is the main lead of it. oh gosh, TOM CRUISE is undeniable one of the HOT stuff ever~! *faint*

OBLIVION means forgetfulness, a science fiction movie which well directed by Joseph Kosinski. well, try to google the man as he is quite HOT too~ hahahha. Oh, no wonder this film is featuring a bombastic CGI graphical effect as this brilliant man is best known for his CGI works in the Hollywood. OH HO!!


The story started in the year of 2077 with the gruesome view of the half destroyed and polluted earth after an alien's invasion in 2017! yup,  no human left on the earth anymore except the Commander Jack Harper (my beloved, Tom Cruise) and his co-partner, Vika (Andrea Riseborough) who living in the floating airborne located thousands feet from the earth. their memories has been erased with the reason of they will able to only focus with the job heartlessly and in the same time, forgetting all the bad memories from the invasion.

Apparently, they are responsible to clean up the remaining forces from the invasion as well as protecting the earth from the 'alien' by taking care of the 'drones' (an invention of a robotic army). they believe that some of the rescued human has being migrated to another planet and all the time, they has been taking orders from the Big Boss named Sally (Melissa Leo) who communicating only through the computerized visual communication system.

The climax initiated when Jack rescuing a female stranger who he always seeing her in his dream, Julia Rusakova (Olga Kurylenko) after being crashed down on the earth. the curiosity about who is Julia makes him helping her to get a recorder from the damaged spaceship that transported her. it recorded what has actually happened 60 years back ago because all this time Julia and her death crews has been slept in a special-made capsule of Odyssey which could also telling who is actually Jack Harper.

While they were searching, an insurgency captured both of them. surprisingly, the team is led by a normal human, Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman) which finally revealed more breathing humans in the 'house'. then, here is when the story actually begin as more and more secrets being revealed to the viewers.

yup, it answered who is Jack Harper? why does he keep dreaming about Julia and what is their mutual connection? who are those insurgency which claimed as the 'alien' force? and most crucial gist is what was actually happened 60 years back ago?? hahaha...hence, go and WATCH IT BY YOURSELF!! ;D



The main reason is because darling hubby, Tom Cruise is still smoking hot and when he makes that frown, i was feeling hot & spicy on the seat and when he smiles, Oh Gosh i just fainted!!! ahakksss~ hahaha

Well, the 2nd logic reason is the futuristic technology features in this whole movie is undeniable A-mazing! check the pics below and let me describe a bit.

starting with the floating airborne (house of Jack and Vika) which is so so so chic as it having a great exterior and interior design. oh my, can i have a house above the cloud too...??

then, Jack's bubbleship (Err..thanks Mr. Google for the name!) is just soooo admirably invented! well, should witness how it could operates in 360 degrees by yourself as it hard for me to draw the imagination in your mind...haha.

besides, the computerized system handling by Vika to communicate with the boss as well as eyeing Jack when he descends down the earth is also successfully amazed me. well, there are  lot and lot of other fictional devices that will definitely capture your interest!

Next, as mentioned the computer graphic effects and the CGI works are just so splendid! everything looks surreal. yup, you will totally believe whatever you've seen in the screen. plus, i adore the flashy camera shot of one scene when Jack and Julia are in bubbleship running away from the drones in the middle of narrow cliffs. assuredly, that scene will definitely pumping up your adrenaline wherein i felt like watching it in a 3D screen although it was not!

Oh, you don't need another valid reason to go and watch this movie on this COMING 11th APRIL 2013 as i'm so sure it much more than worthy. believe me as it will not disappointing or boring you AT ALL!

So, the ranking for the Tom Cruise's wives as well as the movie-goers of a sci-fiction picture is 5.10 out of 5.00 and to the normal viewer, i might say that it is 4.99 out 5.00. hehe..  ;)

Credit info to Wiki and images to Google.


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