Look #81 - A Wedding Invitation.

scarf from F block / kebaya top from Jakarta / sequinned bag from Vincci

Ya right, this is a repeating look in which i've already shared it in here. anyhow, i promise you that they are looking different as the scarf, the bag and the location are changing! haha

I'm double posting it because this is my all-time favorite of our traditional look. undeniable fact, the kebaya top is super gorgeous which makes me feel so pretty everytime wearing it. for detailed description, please check this post. CLICK HERE.

Oh, the sequinned bag is from Vincci. it is not a new item but i rarely wearing it because it is too sparkle! haha..fyi, i'm just an ordinary fashion lover who always ended up being so simple and casual. whilst, the other reason is i got lot of stuff, so i always opted for a bigger bag instead of a clutch.

Lastly, gotta say that these are one of my favourite shots which was photographed at a friend's wedding in Astaka Orchid, UPM. thanks a lot to my buddy, Miss Tia for the great great great photos! :)

* Photographed by MissTia and Edited by me *


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  1. pretty! suka style akak lahh..in person lagi cun! weeheee~

  2. tq dear...hahaha t kt jmp lg ok :) insyallah...


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