The Lazy Song Official MV by Bruno Mars

bruno mars,the lazy song

okeyh guys, i know i have given the LINK to the vid but still i wanna put it here specially for my READERS-WHO-IS-THE-FAN of this cute yet sexy guy named BRUNO MARS!! hehehehhe...

this is the OFFICIAL MV of THE LAZY SONG (although it doesn't look so-official..heh heh) , completely composed by the singer himself! LOVE MY BABY SO MUCH! ("^________^)

for those who didn't read my LETS-THE-PIC-DO-THE-TALKING post about this so hilarious MV, should CLICK HERE ok i know i should change to another new topic..hehehhe..then, DAAAaaaaaaa...

to dearest PETER GENE HERNANDEZ, BABY I'LL ALWAYS LOVE U...and only you!! "^^

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  1. Like ur pic..awesome!!

    p/s:bw & folo..mehla jenguk belog saya..Salam kenal!(^_^)


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