If You Could See Me Now...

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HAHA..today im gonna romantically ramble about the novel on my hand tittles as 'If You Can See Me Now' by the bestselling author, CECELIA AHERN that was published like a half decade ago and yup, i've just done read it on last night! hehehhehe...have you ever check out how many entry was written on my BOOK category here??? don't worry you are not missing any of it coz plus this one, they are now become 2 ENTRIES..congrates SUZAI!! ("^_____^)

i should thank my sister as she is the loyal fan of CECILIA AHERN who wrote so many bestselling LOVE STORY novels. hemm...should i said that the box-office film 'P/S I LOVE YOU' was originally written by her?? no, of course im still in the progress of finishing that novel LOL~

obviously, READING IS NOT MY INTEREST AT ALL!!!! huhuhuu...bad behavior here (>.<) however, last year on the month of NOVEMBER 2010, when i started to slip on the 1st page of this love story and got my eyes on each sentence..it was like making me to continue read it until THE 1ST CHAPTER AND THEN I GOT BORED AND THEN I CLOSED IT!! end~ XP

hahahhaha..then, last night on the month of APRIL 2011, came the lovely night that made me wanna do some romance reading, i grabbed on this novel again and WWoooowww....i just can't stop and that is how i finish it! haha..

k enough..let me give you a short SYNOPSIS:

it was about a woman named ELIZABETH who deal with a messy life; left by her mom since small, have a 'baby sister' (SAOIRE) from nowhere that was also suddenly left by her mom with her and her dad (oh, complicated!), now she had to take care of her intoxicated 'baby sister' who was pregnant at the age of 16, then now she was indirectly responsible to take care of that child (LUKE) who is not her own, and also was also being left by her ONLY BF as she was so busy with her miserable life! i think we had enough of her....("~.~)

now, the romantic part: comes an ANGLE named as IVAN who is invisible to everybody except LUKE and her, ELIZABETH. at first only LUKE who can see this an-angle-to-every-child but one day, when she had faced an ultimate tense in her life, she's kind of seeing him and that was actually IVAN's wish for a long time to be visible in front of her and taking care of her! OPppss, SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW THAT ONLY HER WHO CAN SEE THIS 'MAN' ^^ (oohh...i love the part after she could see him ol-le-di)

then, this fallen angle brings laugh and joys in her life by which she doesn't know it will only just for a short moment because one day after his 'job' was done, HE HAS TO GO! AArghhhhh...that is how this story go switching from THE ROMANTIC CUTE LOVE STORY to the VERY SAD UNTIL IT MAKES ME CRY AND CRY AND CRY......... (T___T) for more you have to read it by yourself! haha

now, why im falling for this novel??? hehehe.....anything good should has reasons, right ^^ (READY TO SEE THE UGLY FACIAL EXPRESSION...heh heh)

1ST OF ALL: it is A LOVE STORY... <3

photography,cecelia ahern

F.Y.I--> i'll only read an english novel when it turns out to be a LOVE ROMANCE tale, if not hemmmmmmmmmmmmm...let me consider it (",) so, this is really a simple cute romantic (LOL~ how many times that i've repeat the same 'R' word!) whatever....coz i love it!

2NDLY: it was SO SAD...so so sad! (T__T)

photography,cecelia ahern

huh, it is normal if ppl are crying while watching a sad movie, right? haha but it is also NORMAL when im crying reading a sad sad story! huuuuhuu...can't help it but i used 2 packets of tissues here.... ("~____~) huuuuuu the part when IVAN HAD TO LET ELIZABETH GO was toooooo toooo toooooo sad for me! huh i was crying like i feel how he feel....................~

3RDLY: i was like chew it... (eh, apekah maksudnyerrr..haha bace dibawah yerr "^^)

photography,cecelia ahern

haha..means that, the writing is simple and yet fun to be read....well, my english is not as BOMBASTIC as MR. ZAMRI erk~ hahahaha..if you read this, you were already knew that how much your blog is inspiring me, right?! (^.^) again F.Y.I : i don't like reading a complicated story like talking on business and economy, i just love the simple storyline that only DEALING WITH LOVE..hahaha..BAD BEHAVIOR AGAIN! XD

LASTLY: go to the nearest bookstore and find this...

photography,cecelia ahern

tittle : IF YOU COULD SEE NOW by CECELIA AHERN, coz im sure you guys will LOVE it too.....~

" You don't need me anymore, Elizabeth. You're going to stop seeing me now, Someone else will need me...I loved you the moment I saw you and I will always love you, Elizabeth..." IVAN  (T___T) 

heh heh heh..should add this....

"baby..if you could see me now, i'd tell you how much that i love you and how much that i've spent my night dreaming bout you..."

HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA...sorry for that! ("^__^)

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  1. hahah...
    for those, yg pnh dgo sinopsis cite tu dr mulut cik akak ni sndiri [mcm ak],

    kompem korg akn rase cm korg tgk movie! [pd perasaannye je la..~]

  2. HHAHAHAHHA xd hadoiii..ponet eden nk memahamkn pe y ko cubo sampaikn ni r..hahhaha besela i kn klu brcerita LIVE nih mmg trlebeh smangatnyer..hhehehe "^^

  3. hi darlinggggggggggggg....lame tak nampak u..


  4. hehe hi sue...lame xmlawat u juger...sory 4 dat n thanks 4 coming here ^^

  5. sue dah linked u...so lepas ni..senang nak singgah sini....heee....sue lama tak jalan2 blog kawan2 tau..bz...skrg da de mase sikit jalan2 lah...n i miss ur writing dear..

  6. An enjoyable read If You Could See Me Now by Cecilia Ahern. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.

  7. sue goodday-->hehe..THANKS A LOT for the exchanging link k dear =)

  8. rohit-->ohhh..THANKS A LOT for reading it yarr...i appreciate it so much! hehehe...yup if u r loving d LOVE STORY reading, you should READ this dear~ =))


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