Restoran Kenduri, kajang


hi food readers, its been a long time that i didn't feed your appetite, huh?! sorry for that as i just too obsessed on posting bout fashion and photoshoot while i've kept lots of food review in a draft...yup, there are quite number of restaurants@warong ("^__^) that i've tried and so excited to share with you here.

yup, the name of this restaurant is KENDURI RESTAURANT as they used the concept of malay's traditional festive where many people gather and cook together in a big kawah. here take a look at this village feeling decor.

food,nasi briyani,restoran kenduri

nice and clean. so, now talking about their main dish which is NASI BERIYANI with the add-on lauk. the taste is huuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu...very DELICIOUS and the most important is you will easily full as the rice is the LONGEST i've ever seen. hehehhee..i think so... ^^

now, there are NOTHING FREE in this world and if you wanna get the BEST you have to pay more, right? haha..whatever~ the price of 1 BIG DINNER plate of nasi briyani and chicken/meat alone plus the papadom is RM10.00 and i've to tell you that it is VALUABLE!

food,nasi briyani,restoran kenduri
nasi briyani + ayam masak merah
food,nasi briyani,restoran kenduri
nasi briyani + daging rendang
food,nasi briyani,restoran kenduri
the longest rice i've ever seen =P

heemmmm....air liur saya pon dah meleleh-leleh nih huhu ("^___^) so, guys when you come to my hometown, KAJANG and find this 100% malay restaurant at the location below (actually if you drive from K.L, just after you pass the Majlis Perbandaran Kajang, turn left) :

No. 37 G, Jalan Sentosa Villa 1/1,
Taman Sentosa Villa,
43000 Kajang,

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