short FAREWELL + MANU-rians


hey, again this post is about my FAREWELL with my colleagues but this time, it is actually a SHORT FAREWELL with my classmates as we will be separate for about 5 months to do the industrial training at differ places. so, guys GOOD LUCK for the practical and hopefully we will get the BEST benefits of it and make sure the company will call us back for the job!! haha

so, these are NOT ALL the people in my class as there are more abg hensem2 (IZWAN JANGAN PASAN NO...! HAHA) and kakak cantik2 but they just couldn't make to join us that night....dorang dah balik umah lerrrr~ so, it was just us who celebrating k.farhah and k.sue who are graduating this semester..WWaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh JELES GILERR!! ("^^) neway, congrates kak!

Opppss...guys don't forget to check the final examination result on this coming 4th May (huh if im not mistaken LOL..lupe plak bape haribulan BUT FOR SURE NOT IN THIS MONTH lah..haha)


lalallalalala..and these people are the one that im gonna miss so much! (^,^) korang, POYO jer tangkap gamba cam lah nak graduate dah..hahha padahal sat gi jumpa lagi!! neway, GURLS I LOVE YOU and i knew that you love me too and you're gonna miss me as well! hehehehe ("^_____________^)

c  ya again buddies.... ^^

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