what am i doing on my shorty holiday??

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huhu...gonna be short and numbered! haha dunno why im too lazy to ramble now, maybe because of the LAZY SONG by my baby had effected my life a bit! ("^___^) yup, still can't get him out of my mind! but no worry guys i'll try to exclude his story as much as i can! haha

neway, today is like AFTER a week of my short holiday as i told you that im gonna start my industrial practical on the very soon next monday! so, im kind of finishing all the FUN PARTS that im dying to do before i get busy with the job, the report and the engineering machining stuff!

now, what i have been busying this whole week until im almost forgetting my dearest readers here are:

1. as usual...PLAY with the beloved ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (yup, im still in the process of editing me and k.yana's KL STREET WALKING photoshoot! i promise that i'll finish it by this week k...huh!)

2. LEARNING the ADOBE AFTER EFFECT..huh! its kind of flash and im always eager to learn this animation software....hmemmmm CUME XDE MASA JER~ so, lets see if i can pro it in this short time ("^__^)

3. TRYING on recipes..hahhaha I LOVE THIS PART. actually we just bought an oven for our mom's bday (haha baru je ade oven xpernah ade kat umah b4 this LOL~) (>.<)

4. update my HOLIDAY BORING STATUS in the FB (ini cam perkara wajib lah kn..huh!)

5. UPDATING the fashion senses all over the world at the LOOKBOOK.nu (hemmm...can't help myself from opening this fashion conscious page...EXTREMELY FUN!)

6. arguing with my mom! UUikkkssss......eh xpatut xpatut! ("^.^)

7. 24/7 sitting in front of the TV and nak ngamuk lah ni coz im often to have prob to open the KBSW channel!!!! haiyaaa.....!!!

8. sat gi pegi dapor pegi sat gi pegi dapor sat gi pegi pegi dapor!! ("~____~) habeslah DIET sayerrr....!!!


10. ape-ape je..MACAM-MACAM lar..but overall this shorty holiday should be used wisely!! HAHA

tq readers...LOVE you and sorry im still doesn't reply your visits!! mian hae..~

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  1. haha satgi pi dapur tu mmg pekare vbiase nak2 saye yg emang menganggur kat rumah ni XD

  2. haha..tol2 kn sherah sek g dapo je cr mende makan! hadoiiii...habeslah diet ku...... (>.<)

  3. same la kita.. pas makan tengok tv... lapar, makan lagik... :)

  4. hahhaha...xd mende lein derr...MKN TV INTERNET...3 jer klu time cuti2 ni...hehe thanks nana 4 d vsiting ^^


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