HELP ME TO VOTE for me...please ^^

By Friday, April 01, 2011

pulau tioman,island,vacation

MAS Traveller - UMAStravel to Tioman Island

above is the link of my contest entry! (^_____^) or just click the image below...huhuuuuu...tq so much!!!!

hi, DEAREST begging you guys to help me by clicking on the LIKE button of my contest entry here!! me and i'll appreciate it so so so so much!! ("^_____^) btw, this is a CONTEST by MASTRAVELLER and the voting is like 30% of the overall judgement..

and this is the INTRODUCTION vid by me...hehehehhehe

I LOVE YOU READERS!! <3 btw, im having my final examination right now. so, please wait for any update in the coming 2 weeks...huhu mianhae...

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  1. g.luck my dear =)

  2. IFA THANKS A LOT babe...mmmuuuuahhhh!!! ^^

  3. hye dear...
    i dh follow ur blog..
    i still new lg, hopefully u dpt follow my blog too...

    still bru lg.. hope dpt tunjuk ajar u.. thank

  4. fariha thanks a lot dear...heheehe i pon bkn la senior sgt "^^ if there is anything that can inspire u here..hopefully it will benefit both of us yerrr.. (^___^)


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