BIEBER FEVER...oh, JUSTIN BIEBER its tonight!!!!

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oh...don't say it, i know you get a goosebumps looking at this pic!! ("^____^)

F.Y.I : that heart is JB symbolizing his LOVE towards his fans...(yeahhh..and one of them is me! hahahah) then, his FAV COLOUR is purple! wahhhhh...wahhhh im his true fan here! ("^_____^) so, for those haters just wait for my next post okeyh..hehhee

justin bieber tour

guys, i can never hide my feeling as today i've infected by a high temperature fever of BIEBER'S FEVER!!! and yup, i've successfully infected as other BELIEBER (JB's fans nick) all over the world. guess what??? I AM NOT GOING TO JUSTIN BIEBER TOUR TONIGHT LIVE IN K.L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (T____T)

hey, of course im dying to watch him LIVE..oh my god i think bieber was already here right now!! thinking of that is making me CRAZY all over again repeating the disaster date of 10th April 2011! HUH! i wanna watch him LIVE...i don't care if it is the LAST ROW of the hall. (can you feel the differ between him and my baby~ hahahhaa...giloorrr~)

what should you do guys when your didn't get the chance too meet your ULTIMATE LOVE, so you just have to forget the other one LOL~ get what i mean?? hahhaa..susah plak nak paham erk~ ^^ i meant as i didn't go for BRUNO MARS how can i go for JUSTIN BIEBER...ITS UNFAIR!!! (^.^) lalallaal~

for sure you guys will say that i've ATTRACTED to him because JUSTIN BIEBER IS TOOO CUTE TO DENY but i have my own other reason that makes my love towards him growth overflow like this. will tell you that, but let me annoy you with the bunch of JB CUTIE PIE images....he is sooo000000ooooo00oo CUTE! ^^

OH...bieber...YOU ARE EXTREMELY ADORABLE!! ("^_____^)

OH GOSH...handsome nyerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha alemak bwh umur lerr...who cares baby~  =P get what i mean? he is too cute huh! even Allen said in her show "Justin Bieber, you are so adorable...can you be cuter that this??" hahahah...yup, i wanna ask the same question if i meet him! ^^ is my MAIN REASON on how can i fell for Justin Bieber at the 1st time!! he got NICE voice besides the looooook and he is so how can im not liking him?!!?!

JB performing JT's "cry me a river" when he is still the child who love to upload his vid in youtube!


anyhow...the conclusion here is i've to quickly pack my things and drive to the nearest hospital... "^^

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  1. kte da g tgk never say never. hehe

  2. ADOOIIIhhhh..tercabar akk dek!! hahaha mmg giler nk g tgk kat cinema but then xd geng..izzah lu xkate lu g??!! adoi klu x le join heh heh

  3. i dont get any goosebumps. since i was quite trained myself embracing the wildness of beliebers. my close friend is one of them :)

  4. hahahha sherah JB is just for fun LOL bcoz i just cant ignore his cuteness! but BRUNO MARS IS like FOREVER!! "^^ heheheh...takot~

  5. hheheheh...farihah sabo je lar erk..hahha neway sy xgiler sgt ble bab JB ni..plg extreme ble BRUNO MARS jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhh...gilor meroyan!


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