my baby Bruno Mars LIVE in K.L (LIVE vids) (T___T)

bruno mars,bruno mars tour
Bruno Mars LIVE in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

i've been CRYING while watching all of it....YES I CRIED!! although he is DANCING HAPPILY but my tears just kept falling down...BABY IT IS RAINING HERE....and the rain is only for you! (T___T) do please COME BACK AGAIN as you've promised before you leave, please.....................~

INTRO+SOLO drum roll+The Other Side (vocal power proof)  ==>  A.W.E.S.O.M.E Opening baby!!

MARRY YOU...more catchy and sugar! " YES, BABY I'M ALWAYS 'DO' FOR YOU" (>.<)

RECOMENDED : RUNAWAY BABY (he is DANCING so cute gilerrrrrr....O MAI GOD HE IS FREAKING SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!! it as this is the BEST "^^)

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE + P.E.R.F.E.C.T Ending (T____T) someone gimme tissue plz~

LIQUOR STORE BLUES....always gonna b one of my FAV song!

BILLIONAIRE...omg baby let me lap the peluh for you!! (T___T)

AND LASTLY..... forever LOVE BUT this is like teeettt...guys, plz don't screamed along ONLY FOR THIS SONG please...oh c'mon coz you guys have RUINED the soul of it...DAMN!!!!! i can't hear his voice at all! (T___T) i'll be waiting for ONLY this....and THAT'S IT??!???!!!!

guys, you just can't deny his powerful vocal and the fact that BRUNO MARS IS THE BEST SINGER ever!! these LIVE perf sound just exactly like the recording one....NO DOUBT coz he is my baby (^.^) peter gene hernandez , I LOVE U so dem much!!!!!

OH MAI GOD, guys....UNFORTUNATELY these are all NOT MY VIDS!!! k i should credit those fans who uploaded it in the YouTube 'specially' for me (T____T) who's dying to see my baby but can't make it............................~

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  1. Awesome!!! Mmg best. U pergi concert dia ker ni, Suzai?

  2. weh best gile u suzai!!jeless semua ni u record ke babe

  3. mr.zamri...oh GOD i've been crying til today COZ I CAN'T GO as i said ive final exam ond same disaster date?!???!!! (T___T)

  4. sherah...oh babe these r all not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant go where actually im DYING HERE....i die!


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