Prince William and Catherine Middletone, who said fairy tales doesn't exist?!

i love this pic so lovely and romantic (>.<) oh, jelesssnyerrrr..!!! haha

it is NATURE for a girl to have a dream of becoming a PRINCESS as we love to believe the happily-ever-after bed-time stories since small. then, when we grow up, we don't read the Cinderella or Beauty&The Beast anymore because we watch the Princess Diaries, Cinderella Story, Ever After or The Prince and Me to continue dreaming of one day a fairy tale may be real for us!

This whole fairy tales are convincing us that one day a prince charming and his white horse (the horse should be white ok..cannot pink or blue! "^^ ) will come into our life and kneeing down to propose us to marry him. Opps, the ring should be the heirloom one with the BIG diamond on it! Then, we live happily ever after.....huhuhu...DAY DREAMING IS ALWAYS THE BEST THING I CAN DO! =)

yup, i have watched lots of movies like this, i meant the girl is just an ordinary people. then, she meet with a guy who happened to be a heir of majesty. then, they fell in love and marry! a girl of course I LOVE THOSE MOVIES SO MUCH especially the story of a clumsy Princess Mia from The Princess Diaries. Anne Hathaway is the BEST actress in HOLLYWOOD ever.. =)

now, (^_____^ ) CONGRATULATION on the royal wedding of Prince William & Miss Catherine Middletone..soon Middletone childhood's dream will becomes real when she will be address as the princess of Wales. But later after their marriage, Prince William and Catherine Middleton will become The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! omg, WHO SAID THAT FAIRY TALES DOESN'T EXIST?!

well actually this heartthrob prince is also one of my crushes! hehe..who doesn't admiring his good looking face, his very-tall height and his STATUS as a PRINCE of Wales?! i have fell in love with him since my childhood when i still remember there was a time when everybody talking about him at school and yup, i have A DREAM OF MARRYING PRINCE WILLIAM as well! hehehehehhehe.... ("^.^)

Oh, this is what we called as Prince Charming... "^^ sangat kacak yang chomel! erk...

OH GOSH...WILLIAM don't look at me like that! =D

a very handsome boy but still can feel his royal aura...he is so different!

So, Catherine Middletone is just so lucky plus she is a very beautiful woman. hey, i still love her although she had steal my prince charming! ("~.~) you know what, THEY MET in their college when Prince William and Kate Middleton both began attending St. Andrews College in 2001. They lived right near each other in the St. Salvators Hall of Residence. Prince William, was off busying himself with many Princess want-to-bes, but soon enough Middleton stole all of his attention. (Oh, girl you are so lucky! ><)

then one day after a charity fashion show, where Kate's is one of the model there, they meet up and Prince William asked a kiss from her! omg, how can you refuse a PRINCE'S KISS?!! ("^_____^) huhuhu..............teeettttt im dying just thinking bout it! erk~

thus, if you are anticipated to get the latest news about the wedding which will be started at just a few hours on this evening, here is the OFFICIAL WEBS of this 2011 royal wedding officialroyalwedding2011 or TURN ON CHANNEL TLC 707 to watch it live sharp at 5 p.m...Waaarrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh nak tengok saangat sangaat tapi xsamapi umah lagii!!! (T___T)

thus, i guess i should stop dreaming and continue my ORDINARY LIFE here without hoping a prince charming and his white horse to come because if im still waiting for it, i will NOT BE MARRY TILL I DIE! huhuhuhuu quite scary ^^ so, to my prince who is not a REAL ROYAL prince please meet me as soon as possible ok..hehehhe ADIOS AMIGOS!

" Wish the Prince William and Catherine Middletone will live happily ever after......"

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  1. aha,kantoi berangan nak kawen dgn prince william!
    xpelah,u can start dreaming to marry with his brother :P

  2. hehheheheheh...sape xnk PRINCE WILLIAM wooh...hensem gler kot dlu r skg dh tua..hahaha ok harry pon jd lah~


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