[MOVIE] The Roomates 2011

the roomates 2011

yup, im gonna review about the latest movie that i've watched last night! hehehe..for sure i've successfully downloaded it..THANKS TO-->GABROID ONLINE VIDEO for this! ^^ okeyh, obviously the genre of this film is my FAVOURITE type of movie which is PSYCHO + Thriller + murder....hahahhaa sounds scary huh! ("^___^) no, you don't need to be scared of me..HAHAHHAHA (evil laugh)

merepek dah~ now, let me honestly tell you why im so excited to watch it. Firstly, the film is a PSYCHO type of movie, then...should be because of MISS LEIGHTON MEESTER there. who doesn't love her? she is beautiful, talented and GOSSIP GIRLS?!! erk~  XP

now, move on to the REAL STORY here..a little bit synopsis bout this movie:

Sara (Minka Kelly) had met Rebecca (Leighton Meester) at her freshie year of college life. they are ROOMATES of course, then Sara got a party-goer friend named as Tracy and a drummer bf, Stephen and also her ex-bf, Jason crawling around her NORMAL life.

at first, this psycho roommate, Rebecca is also acting NORMALLY but as time goes by Rebecca begins to become more obsessed with spending time with Sara and wants to have her all to herself. She is willing to keep at bay anyone who wronged Sara or who she thinks is stealing Sara away from her.

thus, one by one of blackmailing, haunting and surprising scenes happened but still Sara doesn't have any idea bout it until the time when she followed Rebecca to her home and her mother said something about medication and her schoolmates acting weird on her. (wahh..wahh you will see ELENA GILBERT during this very short scene LOL~ love her a lot ^^ )

so, Sara starting to investigate bout who is the true Rebecca and she happened to see it when Rebecca did the exactly same tattoo with her (which is the name of Sara's past sister). psycho huh> so, she scared and move to her Stephen's hostel and this is the CLIMAX of the movie. hahaha..as usual WATCH IT BY YOURSELF guys!! XD

the roomates 2011
the roomates 2011,leighton meester
the roomates 2011
the roomates 2011
okeyh...this LAST PIC is not scarry at all!!! oh CAM GIGANDET u r hot! ("^___^)

now my review, huhu...basically this film is quite a stereotype thriller movie means that Rebecca become obsessed about Sara, then she is willing to do anything including MURDER (at the end of the movie). ("~____~)  hemmm....cliche lah as guys, F.Y.I  i've already watched lots of movies like this....~

okeyh, i know what else can the director do when it happened to be a thriller movie kan..so, what you can do is GO EXTREMELY 18SG++++ with the psychiatric and killing scenes!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA...look how evil i became..(oppss..i didn't say 18SX++ ok..haha)

yup, the scary part which is not sooo scary are just like 2 scenes ONLY, when Rebecca blackmailing Tracy in the toilet huh! and THE VERY LAST ENDING...THATS ALL!! full stop!

thus, i think i didn't have so much to say (walaupon dah berjela-jela kan..hahaha ^^) just give them 3 stars out of 5 stars! actually those stars are for MINKA KELLY who looking so so so beautiful in this film, the VERY HANDSOME drummer boy CAM GIGANDET ^^ and to my fav gossip girl, LEIGHTON MEESTER who was successfully gave her best bad site acting here! ok then.....DDaaaaaaaaa!!!

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  1. hey, I love Leighton Meester and she's been my girlfriend since Gossip Girl Season 1...

  2. alief nak tgok citer ni!!!!!!!!!!!! huhu...jom kita tgok sma2..

  3. hahaha..azham i don't know that she is ur GF..adoiihhh klu tau dh lama ajak jumpe tau!!! haha XD

  4. hehe no hal but alief syg oi..i dh tgk ni..watpe nk tgk lg..cte lain lah!! XD


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