Akele Hum Akele Tum (lets watch it tonight!!!)

"We r alone, You r alone" that was published in the year of 1995!

HA HA..yesterday im talking bout the latest movie that i watched, right? and now its the time for the forever . favourite HINDI MOVIE that im anticipated wanna RE-WATCH it tonight at ZEE tv, CHANNEL 108 and i don't know how many times would it be including tonight! (>.<)

hey, you have to know another INTERESTING FACT about me besides that im ADDICTED TO my baby BRUNO MARS...hehehhee...im also still ADDICTED to the world biggest films production, BOLLYWOOD!! ("^______^) and don't be shock coz i can watch HINDI movie without the subtitle... "Namastee mera readers, mera naam SIZZLING SUZAI hai"

now, back to this super emotional movie which starred by one of the big KHAN in Bollywood, Aamir Khan and co-starred by the former Miss India, Manisha Koirala. yeahh, this is their first collaboration before the box-office "Maan" comes arrive at the year of 1999 which again proved that this couple is one of the BEST jodi in Bollywood.

Besides the fact that the story attracted me, all the songs in this film are da-ba-bomb which is superb! oh it is totally will make you LOVE hindi songs so, try to listen to Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya, Aisa Zakhm Diya Hai and I Love You Daddy...hehehehe...nah nah just play this vid~

okeyh..okeyh i know you guys wanna know a bit bout the synopsis..here it is

yup, basically it is a LOVE story between Rohit (Aaamir Khan) and Kiran (Manisha Koirala) who shared the same interest and dream which are MUSIC and WANNA BE A SUPERSTAR. They met, they fell in love and get married with the promised that Rohit will help her to become a star. Oppss..of course Kiran's rich parents opposed their wedding! ("~____~) cam biasa lah cinta antara dua darjat..HUH!

As time goes by Kiran felt that after their marriage, her ambitions take a back seat as she feels suppressed by her household responsibilities and her child's look after. In the same time, Rohit became successes with his playback-singer career and Kiran just couldn't hide her frustration until she decides to leave Rohit and start a new life all over again. 

Now a loner, Rohit is forced to look after both his son and his own falling career. After some obvious teething troubles, Rohit succeeds in creating a separate world for himself and his son, Sonu. Meanwhile, Kiran incidentally becomes a huge film star and eventually she felt that she need her son back in her life. So, she filed a court case for the custody of their son, Sonu.

Here is me and my sister's FAV SCENES as you can feel the infinite LOVE of a dad towards his child and it is FULL OF EMOTIONAL especially when Rohit faces a real tough time preparing for the case since he is not in a financial position as good as Kiran but he is still willing to do anything to win the case. 

There is one scene when he even took Sonu to watch his mother's film at the theater and this is the scene when Sonu calling out his mother but she refused to know them! SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT AND YOU WILL CRY.......Huuuarghhhhhh sedihnyerr~ (T____T)

haha..Overall i think this story is different compare to other HINDI LOVE STORY because this movie is more about "how a dad struggle with his failing life to still make his son happy". Guys, i don't think i need to describe the emotional parts here because it is indescribable! hemm..seriously, do you still wanna ask did i cried watching this film??!?? including tonight, it will be countless! (T____T) cerita ini tersangatlah touching tahap gaban!!!

so, DON'T FORGET TO TURN ON CHANNEL 108 sharp at 9.00 p.m tonight..okeyhh!

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  1. hahaha geng lah dgn aku hahahahaha hindi film memang sebati dgn jiwa kot haha ni semua gara-gara bapak aku haha sabtu pukul 2pm memang tpacak depan tv haha.i remember all the lirik lah weh haha tabik sikit haa :P jiwa hindi mali nih XD haha

    mera naam sherah hai. tujhe dhosti karoge ya nehi?nehi nehi.me tumse pyaar kartihu.dushman dushman.kyahuwa tumse pagal pagal. haha

    hah hambek kau!hahaha bye suzai hehe it was nice reading ur post. deep in my heart :)

  2. hahhahaha...ooh yeehh SHERAH..main bahot kusyi hai kyu ki tum or main HINDI movie's fan hai "^^

    hahaha..BEST BEST ADE GENG! yup, i knew all the songs including the lyrics of coz hahah takot x? w/pon malay, english, KOREA but HINDI is still in my heart deh~ hehe

    Ohh, THANKS A LOT for the compliment..i do appreciate it so so so much because i know somebody is reading my post and THEY LIKE IT..oh what more cn i ask? hehe tq sherah yerrr~ <3

  3. i got one friend yg like.... can speak hindustani by watching bollywood stuff only omaigod...

  4. dasatnya ble cakap hindi!!!

  5. farihah..heheh mmg bkn sy sorg je pon..dh rmai sy jumpe geng speaking hindi dh..hahahha XD best best..nk join ka?

  6. kak ogosh..hahah tq but grammar die tunggang trbalik pon! hehektorg xnk join juge ke "^^

  7. best2.. kita suke cerita lama2 amir khan belakon. cerita mann pon seeddihh. taktahan tengok cite ni.. meleleh2 air mate.. hehehe

  8. haha..mmg sedih kn kinah cte ni n maan pon same..mmg kna ready tisu b4 watching! ^^


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