~ tonight im gonna be..mdm. SUZAI JONAS ~

this is originally MADE by me LOL~ betapa rajinnyer hakuh  waktu dulu-dulu! >.<

huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....i dont have to introduce him anymore..lah~
 i think this is the 2nd time im talking about my UNLIMITED crushes!! hahahaha..yup, it is really uncountable from the hollywood world to the BOLLYWOOD world to the Malaywood and of course to the bersepah-sepah yang hakuh jatuh cinta kat dalam KOREAN WORLD!! ("~___~)

and for this CUTE and gay(HEY, DONT EVER CALLING him gay r...the skinny tight jeans doesn't meant that!!!) ^^ hahahha..he is a normal guy with normal sexual life yarrr...how did i know?? I KNOW larr as HE TOLD ME WHEN HE PROPOSED ME TO BE HIS SPECIAL ONE!! ~aigoo aigooo berangan dah~

no no..i know this is HOT like huuuu SUPER-HOT with the sunnies and the leather jacket..omo omo but i don't prefer my hubby JONAS in this version...im prefer this one.....


erkkk~ oppppss, sorry THIS IS THE other version of hot...erkk~ hahahahahah ^^ suke kau yerr...~  


now that is what i called as CUTE BUT HOT...Aarghhhhhhh the curly hair is making me crazy!!!! ~dah mata cam redup redup je...hemm romantic! latuh eh...arghh...gilerr dah gilerr dah~

the reason of rambling about him is since i CAN'T STOP REPLYING the jonas's film CAMP ROCK the final jam!! (don't call me a 'childish'-musical-movie goer coz i DONT LIKE high school musical AT ALL...okeyyhh EXCLUDED the another HOT guy there...ZAC EFRON!) (^_______^)

but SERIOUSLY, this musical film was successfully attracted me because of its great songs...really..~ go and listen to the OST LOL~

especially the song during this scene by NICK JONAS..introducing me~

and this part..the duet between Mitchie and Shane..we're like venus&mars

NOT END YET...most important sentence here..
to mr. JOE JONAS, 
Arghhhhh...bulu bulu korang pon dah naik meremang remang kan..?? hahahahhaha...whatever!

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  1. hahahah..tetibe kn..si joe ni plak jd crush!! XD

  2. Saya dh tgk citer nih. mmg serammmmmmmmmmm....

    p/s: saya dok kajang tp slalu pegi pasar mlm bangi....sbb dekat kannnnn....:)

  3. x beraniiiii..baik lar x tengok..tkt terngigau plak mlm2 nnt huhu..

  4. azzey-->huhuu..seram kn citer KHURAFAT tuh..ohh umah sy di kajang juge lah ^^

  5. akk pinky xplah klu terngigau PELUK JE LAH abg hubby tuh..hahahahhaa XD

  6. hanim-->HAHAHHAHA..yup now SYAMSUL is mine! XD


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