iium blogger 1st gathering

By Wednesday, January 12, 2011 ,



Photobucket not feeling well and i've already skipped my classes today. thus, this entry gonna be as short as it can...yup it is the 1st gathering of IIUM bloggers which was held on the last monday's night.

thanks to kaizen (haha..sorry KENZEN! XD ) who invited me to join them since i've got to meet new people and getting to know the famous blogger from my campus ^^

hopefully, there will be more gathering with more bloggers k...NICE MEETING YOU GUYS!

***insyAllah, i'll put their links here soon after i get well again  >.<

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  1. hehehe, ramai tak blogger dr IIUM tu? glamor la korang... jeles2.. hehehe
    nanti kita plan kita punya gathering gak.... hehehe, lps dpt elaun la

  2. owh... korang ker blogger uia?
    hiii!! salam kenal semua... saya gumiho.. hahhahahah..

  3. azham-->yup kat iium ni ramai gler blogger ni xtau bp suku bru..actually cam ade 2 jenis ktorg ni yg sempoi2 nye..ade 1 lg yg jenis beik2 tazkirah punye blog..huhhu MEREKA SANGAT LAH BAGUS dan sy tabik mereka itu.. ^^
    p/s:rmai gak kwn sy tuh hhehe

  4. cik fathiyah-->mrk yg ni tersgt lah bru lg huh

  5. time sakinah join lah ek..insyAllah klu de lg t i jempot sume yg i knal tmasuk cik cengkih juge ^^


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