my inspiration part 1

photo credited to SizzlingSuzai ^^

WARNING...please read the details on the above poster before you scroll down this page!!
so, if you done with it and YOU ARE THE IIUM ALUMNI that we've been looking for, do please call the number above and register yourself for this GRAND ALUMNI ENGINEERING NIGHT 2011 ^^

yup, this is a program in my campus and i am the PUBLICITY & PROMOTION committee. so, i have to spread the news and design all the things that need to be design LOL~ FYI: i am always chose to be in this bureau and now, i just felt so sick of it... (">.<)

okeyh...honestly the reason of this post is not to promote my program but to share with you my INSPIRATION of the above poster. yup, THE POSTER IS ORIGINALLY DESIGNED BY ME and below are the creative idea that inspired me.




this is totally MY FAV!!! ^^

as you look back at those poster, they look more like a magazine cover right? huhuu..thats maybe the reason why i LOVE them. furthermore, IT IS BASED ON TYPOGRAPHY that make it more stylish and independent, for those who didn't have the idea of what TYPOGRAPHY can google by yourself...hahhahah

huhu ok ^^ personally, i understood TYPOGRAPHY as the art of wording, fonts and anything related to alphabets. yes, whenever they create an arts, it must be contain of words. no worry, i have so many CREATIVE EXAMPLES...will show it later k..TYPOGRAPHY IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST INTEREST! ^^ hehehhee..banyak benor interest die ni erk~

k c ya...actually, im in the bad bad mood today ("~_____~)

photo credited to the RESPECTIVE designer and to

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