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besides the fact that i LOVE FASHION, another important thing about me that you should know is...I'M CRAZY ABOUT MUSIC!! i'll listen to them almost 12 hr in a day and i think the quote that said LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC IS BORING is absolutely correct. full mark! ^^

guys, im always feel enthusiastic to share the tunes that i love with you. but no worry, because today is a BLOGGING DAY for me so i'll proceed with this..(i have 3 entry today..WWowww semangat!!)

so, today im gonna share with you the recent songs in my playlist which I JUST CAN'T STOP FROM PLAYING IT! seriously, you can ask my roommate since i kept on play it til they were also memorize some of the songs..hahahhaha sorry girls ^^

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1st of all, should be this R&B guy with his HOT song called One In Million. the genre of the song is of course R&B mixed up with a little bit soul there..huhuuuu in malay we called it JIWANG beb lagu ni~ obviously, that's the reason why i love this song! ^^

One In Million by Ne-Yo

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now, as i have introduce these two songs in my previous post..huhuuuu..the post that im talking about my crush, Joe Jonas LOL~, here it goes im providing you the link. so that, you can download it and listen to the simple but NICE melody from the Soundtrack of the Camp Rock 2 'The Final Jam'

F.Y.I, there are lots of cool songs in that film but these 2 are my FAVOURITE and yup, i can't stop from playing it too!

Wouldn't Change a Thing by Joe Jonas ft Demi Lovato
Introducing me by Nick Jonas

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hahhahahah XD by looking at the pic, im sure the guy will excitedly wanna download this song..hahaha..yup, this is my recent K-POP fever which new song from new album by korean female group named as KARA.

the catchy melody will make you wanna dance along whenever you listen to this song. ohh, it is better for you to watch their LIVE performance 1st because their move is enjoying!  jumping jumping jumping up! ^^

Jumping (점핑) by KARA (korean version)

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huuuuuuuuuuuuu.....this ballad is real superb! yup, it is a korean song which sang by their famous ballad queen, Baek Ji-Young. the song is not just a slow mode which will make you fly away but also it is full of SADNESS which will make you wanna cry lah pulak kan..hehehee..

but serious if you watch the series, you will cry whenever you hear this song. plus the lyrics is really touchable.  olmana olmana doe..noruel~ (translate sendiri....haha)

Secret Garden OST (korean drama)
(That woman) by  Baek Ji-young ,
(백지영) 그여자

^^ not allowed to link the download link here...mian hae..

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  1. hehehe, I pun byk lagu baru yg I minat.... tp I kurang minat KPop ni.. tak pe, masing2 ada minat tersendiri kan? accept diversity in the universe....

  2. aku suka lagu neyo one in a million. fuh cool beb

  3. azham-->yup u r absolutely right ^^ im just promoting d kpop song that i think it would b noce to listen to..but klu dh mmg bkn interest..its ok lah kn..hahhaha


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