thanks a lot Schajar McFlurry! ^^

By Thursday, January 20, 2011


yup, THANKS A LOT to Schajar McFlurry for the award and FYI, this is my 2nd award which the 1st one was given by kak Hanis from Hanis Azla im really appreciate you guys to give me those awards yarr.. ^^ therefore, i have to answer some of the questions...huhu

1) Ucapan anda
nothing then..THANKS A LOT dear ^^

2) berikan 4 ciri lelaki idaman untuk dijadikan suami...
waahh..4 tau nak!?! k honestly, i don't put TERMS&CONDITIONS in looking for my future hubby..hehehe but the main thing that he needs to be is...BERIMAN ^^ then, i have to say that he earned money by himself , good-looking enough my ONLY eyes ^^ and whatever-he-is...

3) berikan 1 tips untuk mengekalkan hubungan dengan pasangan
hadooiiii...this one is a hardcore for me..!! beb, IM A SINGLE LADY here so....i guess i have no right to answer this Q! ("~____~)

4) letakkan 10 link pilihan anda dan beritahu mereka yang telah memenangi award nie...
hemmm...i'll think bout it and i'll post in their shoutbox, guys wait for it ^^

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  1. InsyaAllah, a good looking 'beriman' guy who's earning money by himself will come to you soon dear..


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