my LUCKY 163th follower


this is my very 1st time doing a review about a blog..hehhe..its not that i don't want to feature them here but my blog is just a normal blog with 171 (today) tak famous pon nak review2 orang plak kan..! but this is a special case as she is my LUCKY 163th FOLLOWER!! **c'mon give applause**

okeyhh..why it has to be 163 and not any random numbers..16th of March is my date of birth. so, i just LOVE the combination of those numbers and tada 16 and becomes 163 LOL~
aiyahh susahnye nak explain! therefore, what is the next number for my LUCKY FOLLOWER??? hehehe..wait for it..k  ^^

haha..xmacam mak org pun nih..jeles i tau! ^^

now, lets story about the owner of the who is known as PinKy MoMMa. she is a young graduated lady, a full housewife and a proud mom to 2 cute kids who are Miqail Darwisy and Rifqy Darnish (hahahha XD nak sebut juge nama dorang coz SEDAPNYER NAME MEREKA ini ^^)

yup, shes marry to her husband at the early age of 24 ( for now 24 isn't so early anymore..rite? hehe) and got the 1st handsome boy at the age of 25 and the 2nd cute came along when she was 28. thus, im so impressed by her simple yet HAPPY family life here...~ kak, im pray for ur happiness k..amin.. ^^

obviously, she is addicted to PINK colour LOL~ and for that, she bought her bag, phone and even the households with PINK in colour~ (akak biar betol pinggan mangkuk pon kaler PINK...aiyoo, hahaha hubby mesti pening nih~ ^^ )

lastly, she blogs about her family especially those two cute monsters ^^, her routine as a housewife as well as whatever she want to write about because that is her blog and she can do whatever she wants..hehehe.. kak THANKS for your support and its really NICE knowing you erkk~  (^______^)

so guys, go and visit her at  : P.i.n.K.y M.o.M.M.a :

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  1. owhh terharu..tima kasih daun kladi pilih akak jd lucky follower..nice knowing u too..akak maluu (tutup muka smbil lari2 anak) ahahaha...

  2. hahahah XD
    akk bkn i y pilih u but TAKDIR YG MEMILIH akk jd my lucky follower..(CEWAHHHH!! ^^) hal lah..tq 4 supporting me as well..yarr..
    kak jgnlah lari2 anak t 2 bdk nampak eh malu jer..hahahahha XD

  3. ALa Suzai, sedih kan tak dpt pergi tgk artis kesukaan? I pun tringin nk g tgk Beyonce n Taylor Swift tapi apakan daya? huhuhu

  4. azham-->HUHU SANGAT TERKILAN!!!! XDPT NK DIUCAPKAN DGN KATA2..waghhh seriusLY! ehh t klu beyonce n taylor dtg n time tuh i dh keje..u invite i skali k..coz i LOVE both of them as well..lar ^^ habes duit hakuh!

  5. setuju sgt2. ka nadia tu mmg giler pink! blog dia sgt sweet n dia sgt baik hati^^

    im following u:D


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