K-POP Party 2010 said bye bye!


Waaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...IM TOTALLY DEPRESSED here (T___T) this entry gonna be the place for me to release my tense!!!! i know that everybody was already familiar with the K-POP concert by DiGi above as it being promoted all over the media and everytime i heard about it, i just like want to sepak terajang the radio or the tv or whatever it is...STUPID! *sorry for the harsh word sooner or later*

yup, it is leaving me because the concert was held on yesterday and what am i doing..sitting in front of my lappy and re-watch their performances and crying on it!!! so PUAS HATI SEKARANG???? saya tdk berlagak cam anak org kaya n pergi enjoy2 tgk concert....shitttt!!!!!! *this is my blog n i can give any damn about it*

the whole reason is this concert is featuring 2 of my FAV K-POP artist which are BEAST and 4MINUTE...AARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh...i love them so much. they are really great singer and dancer. moreover, their songs are AWESOME and i hate the fact that they were here in M'sia yesterday!!!!

the other reason is I HAVE ALREADY SWEAR to myself that i will not go for any concert this year and so on (until i get my own salary!) INCLUDING my biggest mania SUPER JUNIOR!!!! (>"<) besides, the fact that i have to safe some money for my future spending...huhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu NOW I REALIZE THAT to safe money is *ucking hard and to spend it is "just give me 5 minute and i can make it zero again!" arghhhh....kenapa sy bukan anak org kaya...ngong!!

the handsome-ness of Korean boys...BEAST (비스트)

seriously, this group is really daebak with their hot debut (2009) song bad girl to the mystery to the shock to the soom a.k.a breath and their latest top ranking song beautiful! you should listen to them as well as watch their LIVE performances and for sure you will be their fan....serius wa cakap beb~ ("~___~)

the HOTTEST girls group...4MINUTE (포미닛)

now, this is my FAV Korean girls group besides the BEGs and KARA (oppss, im not the fan of SNSD..mian hae...but im not their anti-fan as well~) this group had debut on the same year with the Beast which is in 2009 with the famous song Hot Issues.

they were also became more popular with their top pick songs such as Muzik, What A Girl Want, H-U-H and I My Me Mine...im HIGHLY RECOMENDED you guys to also listen and watch their performances as these girls are talented!


Yang Yo Seob...maybe we will meet in the future when you become cuter that this
arghhhhhhhh cutenyerrrr...tskk tskk (">.<)
Son Dong Woon....arghhhhh i know you are donsaeng to me but i still LOVE you! ("^^)
Hyuna...im admiring ur energetic dancing as always... (@__@)

**guys, u should know that...
im seriously crazy about K-POP and THIS IS REALLY A BIG THING FOR ME!!!**

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  1. wuwuwu..diriku jua merasakan kesedihannya wuwuwu gikwang ahhhh

  2. huhuuuuuuuuuuu kn kn wani kn...BAPAK SEDIH GILER WOIHH!!!!!!!!!! tolog r dtg dtg lg NEXT YEAR BILER aku dh ade DUIT!!!! huhu yo seob saranghae!

  3. Lot 163 = Fraser's Place @ Jalan Perak.

  4. cek logo APEKAH MAKSUDNYER..huhu ??????? xphm! ><

  5. Eh? Camner I boleh terpost komen yang dimaksudkan untuk entri pasal your 163th follower? Hehehe...

    Sorry my bad!

    Anyway, Lot 163 tuh bangunan Serviced Apartment yang dipanggil Fraser's Place yang terletak di Jalan Perak, sebelah HQ Hong Leong Bank.

  6. huhuuuu..tu lah ENCEK LOGO say dah pening dh ni..hahahha neway, xp thanks a lot membanyakkn comment post sy nih! XD haha

  7. Kah kah kah! Sorry la bikin Cik Suzs pening. :-p


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