meeting the adorable Heliza Helmi


yup, she is super gorgeous and of course adorable with her big-big eyes. hehehe..heliza memang sangat chomel tomey~ ok plus she is friendly enough for you to go and greet her and asking for a snap! sorry for interrupting you guys (scraflet girls ^^)...hahha i just can't stop myself from loosing the chance to be with her too...  ("^^) thanks for inviting her to the chic pop LOL!


ahhaaaaaaaaaa...i knew that i LOOK so much bigger a.k.a GIANT besides her..huhuu Heliza memang sangat kecik woowwww...bukan saya yang besar! hahahhahahaha... XD whatever~

so, where did actually i took this snap r? and who else did i bumped into and felt like..hoohho at last i met you guys like FACE-TO-FACE. and i should say that IT WAS SO MUCH OF FUN! ^^

last word-->you guys have to be prepare to be jealous! ^^ hehe..

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  1. jelessss!!!
    tapi sangat2 cantik lahh

  2. heliza ganu kiter :) heeeeee.... comel sangat :)

  3. Alahai, bestnya jumpa org2 glamor ni... heheh... ramai tak pergi gathering tu?

  4. anisa-->huuhu..mmg sume cantek2 ^^

    fathiyah-->heliza mmg chomel sgt!

  5. azham, gathering ape yer..huhu sy bkn ke situ krn gathering scarflet tuh..SY TDK DIJEMPUT N XTERMASUK pon dlm grup dorg..haha sadly kn..

  6. omg beautiful la heliza..i like her so much

  7. wahh jumpa heliza..
    dia mmg cantik :D

  8. leeza, yup shes so beauty n humble as well..dlu xske die haha mse AF but skg im her fan LOL~ ^^

  9. mirrah, cantek n comel n sume ade lah! ^^


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